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The idea of starting this diary emerges as the way to share various things with you that square measure tough to write down in a hundred and forty characters. They’re typically isolated comments of things that catch my attention, create ME curiously, or that happen to ME. It’s in a way impressed by Tim Ferriss’s” 5-Bullet Fri” and Derek Sivers’s” What I’m Doing currently” and thus a mixture of each, however, extended (I suggest we work these two characters a touch if you are doing not grasp them).

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I don’t have deadlines. I don’t have obligatory subjects. I bit the problems that arise at that moment which I need to share with you. It’s going to be a book, a brief video, a phrase, an issue I discovered that I believe helpful or travel expertise.

I clarify that nothing I place here is going to be covert content if I like to recommend a product it’s solely as a result of I favour it as a result of it’s worthwhile and that I use it. If at any time, there was an ad, stay calm, it’ll be clear.

Thanks for reading here and if you wish, I invite you to share it with anyone you think that may interest you. Thanks for reading all the thanks to now and that I invite you to share it.

Hazel Gutierez