Deck believes that the Northern Beaches is an artistic hub rich in untapped talent.
Deck is proud that every piece of art within the venue has come from local artists. Deck is grateful for the opportunity to showcase this talent to you and help spread the love for these up and coming beachside virtuosos.


Indopendent Art – Deck’s Pylon Artwork
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From the BRAG Interview….

Define street art and what it means to you?
I think in the realm of street art it is important to make the distinction between graffiti and street artists. Graffiti artists are spontaneous and random – it’s often thoughtless scribble, tags or random words. Whereas a street artist finds a venue, thinks about it, takes it home to find a solution and then comes back following a planning process and creates art that engages with the space or makes people think about the context in a new way.

Artistic inspirations?
Pop art is a major influence on my work. I like the strong, bold imagery – it captures people’s attention! I am a particularly big fan of Andy Warhol’s work. I could not talk of street art and influence and not mention Banksy. Banksy introduced street art into the commercial world, built up an empire through his mysterious reputation and controversial work and is now a global icon. He has really helped to make the world recognise street art as a serious art form.

Where can we find your work?
Most recently, you could find my massive Crateman on the rooftop of Surry Hills small bar Black Penny. Crateman truly stopped traffic – when we first built him we saw so many people stopping on the street and leaning out of their cars to take photos!
I have also constructed a huge dice and speakers installation in the park opposite the beach in Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I originally decided to paint the dice and speakers two years ago as a joke but it soon became part of the environment, and an iconic part of the suburb.


Juniper Jones – Deck’s Handpainted Ceramic Bull Skulls
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Juniper Jones produce contemporary homewares hand crafted in Australia.
Combining simple design with a signature use of playful colour, local husband and wife team Josh and Katie Riley have created a collection of unique, functional pieces for the home. With focus on material and process, all products are handmade in Australia, and each piece is individual.


Peace, Love & Happiness – Deck’s Skull
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Mel is a self taught local artist & graphic designer from the Northern Beaches. Our resident graphic designer here at Deck. “I started painting skulls a few years ago and am working towards a solo exhibition.. I loved the effect skulls were having on people. People started reacting, talking and sharing their touching stories about death and views about life I was learning so much “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” – it achieved both. Mexican folk art seemed to suit my style which is usually bright, bold & colourful. You will also find animals in my art lately, as I try to educate myself about spirits and totems.

Deck’s skull, Peace, Love & Happiness was painted, mainly symbolic for things I was searching for, Peace, love, happiness & truth. The doves in her eyes were inspired by Ben Harper song Two Hands of a Prayer. Painting and drawing was always something I needed & loved to do… it wasn’t until these past few years that I had considered it to be more and started looking into visionary art “Visionary art is art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself. In short, Visionary art begins by listening to the inner voices and inner perception of the soul”


Endless Summer – Deck’s graffit/mural
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Patt is currently studying design at College of Fine Arts & has also completed one year of fine arts. His favourite medium to work with is spray paint and acrylic. He enjoys working on found materials, & his most recent works have been on cut-up doors. He draws influence from a range of different outlets, mostly from typography, colour and from other artists.


Michael Peterson ‘Get Off My Cloud’ – Deck’s Centrepiece Artwork
From the Coastalwatch Website… Culture Jam – Words by Tatianna Alpert & Photo by Ben Hansen

“We, Stevie and I, were after some way of approaching it, relevant to the age, we wanted to touch base on how it wasn’t just folk back then, it wasn’t just hippies, it was actually really wild, there was a lot of drug taking, there was a lot of psychedelic…they weren’t listening to just mellow music, they were listening to Led Zeplin, they were listening to all really radical people. Taking it to that psychedelic format was why we left out certain people. Obviously Mark Richards wasn’t wild…we wanted to chose the right people for what we were trying to achieve.”

Three years ago, Steve Gurrow and Crawford began the journey. They picked images that represented the era, it was about the time, the people and the places, not about the sponsorships, brands or contests. Gorrow worked on the pieces in Bali, he made screens of all the images and did the marbling effect in giant trays finding the best thing to use was stain glass screen ink.

Recently the pair headed up to Gold Coast to launch the complete work, in the “Get Off My Cloud” exhibition with images featuring; Michael Peterson, Gerry Lopez, Rabbit, Buttons, Ted Spencer, Brian Bulkley, Larry Bertleman, Mayne Lynch, Michael Ho, Jeff Hakman, Steve Cooney, Bruce Raymond and George Greenough all from the 1970’s.

“Dad knew all of these guys, and that’s when he did his best work, when he was shooting his mates.” Explains Crawford with a hint of pride, but moreso pure honesty, “it was real, they were real and this is real.” When asked what his father would have thought of this project, Crawford smiles, “He would have been laughing. The place where the exhibition was is where dad used to hang out, they used to make surfboards out the front. It just worked out perfect that it was in that place, it couldn’t have been better.”

“Get Off My Cloud” an exhibition, made its way to Bondi, Melbourne France, New York and London, and was the concentration for a new line from Insight.


Eli Faen – Deck’s Staircase Mural
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This was certainly one of the most interesting and fun murals I’ve had the pleasure to paint. The mural came about through the bizarre requests/fantasies of one of the owners, Steve Buckles. The brief morphed from a Mexican fiesta to a Sailor Jerry tattoo inspired chaos on the high seas.
I was born in San Francisco to hippie parents in the year of the dragon, 1976. 4 years later I was shipped off to Sydney, Australia, where I’ve been based ever since.

My interest in art began with “Mad” Magazine and “Conan” comics. After graduating from High School I completed a three year Diploma of Fine Arts from Meadowbank TAFE before gallavanting around the world for a couple of years, gathering inspiration and an assortment of tropical diseases. Since 1997 I have worked extensively within the film and television industry, as a scenic artist, set painter, props maker and set dresser.

In mid 2013 I completed a Bachelor of Art Education Degree from COFA (College of Fine Arts, Sydney) and have now commenced my long anticipated career as a High School Visual Arts and Photography & Digital Media Teacher. In recent years I have been experimenting with various recycled materials and found objects such as toys and vintage paintings to create works spanning collage, painting, photomedia and sculpture.

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